SFC Head Lamp Cleaner(SNTA-QW0204)
SFC Head Lamp Cleaner
The images of product descriptions

Hazing of paintless plastic parts

Dull of floor

Dirt of plastic products

Explanation of SFC Head Lamp Cleaner
Removing heavy dirty of floor and resin parts!
Polish with waste cloths and can be “bright”
1.Dip SFC head light cleaner in waste cloth or sponge.
After that, spread uniformly on surface of head light.
2.Wash SFC head light cleaner away with water.
3Wash SFC head light cleaner away with water.
Caution of operation
※No using at coat.
※Before using SFC head light cleaner, should shake bottle.
※Don't leave SFC head light cleaner on the coat without washing for long time.
※Close the lid firmly and store at place whose temperature is less than 40℃ as not freezing.
※Pay attention not to be done mischief by infant.
※After using up content, please cope with a bottle in accordance with the law.