Diamond Luster(TS-0312A)
Diamond Luster
Explanation of Diamond Luster
High gloss
Provides ultimate gloss! Restores original gloss of clear coat!
High performance
Outstanding easy cleanup! No sticked when sprashing!
High quality
Instant solutions for blur, hologram, and compound haze.

Picture of Effect
the effect of Diamond Luster
1.After ultra fine compound or superfine particles compound, polish up by microfiber cloths or foam pads.
2.When using microfiber cloths, spray it on the paint surface directly, and polish up to be spread all over.
3.When using polishing machines, spray it to foam pads little by little, and polish up.
4.When polishing hood, devide paint surface by four, spray each Surface, and polish up by foam pads used for glazing.
※Recommended to finish every 1 surface.

・Clean up auto body before using.
・Keep standing in storage not to spill out on rare occasions.
・Use protective mask, rubber gloves, protective glasses, and so on in use.
・Stopper the bottle air-tight after using.
・Keep away from direct sunlight, high or low temprature in storage, keep between 0℃ and 40℃.
・Keep away from spraying on the high temperature surface in order not to be sticked.
・Apply after shaking bottles well before in use.

470cc(Spray bottle)