Excellence 0(TS-0315A)
Excellence 0
Explanation of Excellence0
The advantages of Excellence0 are that they are the best cutting power, the low splash of compound, the great workability.

It is the silicon and wax free, water-soluble compound.

Using both Excellence0 which has best cutting power and wool pad, it is easy for your work as ″from removal and leveling of orange peel to removal of sand scratches for P1500"!
Andmore, splashing of compound is held down to the minimum!

1.Outstanding Cutting Power
Best cutting power reduces largely that sand scratches appear again by polishing !
lt removes and levels of orange peel, and removes sand scratches of P1500 with wool pad!

2.Minimum splash of compound
lt reduces sanding dusts to the minimum while polishing.
Thus cleaning up after polishing is quick and easy, working performance is quite efficient.

3.Workability increases with Excellence1
Although Excellence o has best cutting power,low swirl mark, less remains in pad.
Effectively eliminates sand scratches.
Using also Excellence 1 which has great finishing, amazing workability is realized.

●Suggested pad
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1 Liter