Excellence 1(TS-0315B)
Excellence 1
Explanation of Excellence1
Excellence1 is the compound which realizes an exquisite balance for cutting power and finishing.

It is the silicon and wax free, water-soluble compound.

This single compound provides a wide range of workability from “removal of sand scratches ” to “ finishing ”, to be skipped the process of polishing!
It produces high quality coating films in a short time, realizes improved working efficiency!

1.Outstanding Finishing
It realizes outstanding finishing at one process.This single compound removes sand scratches from P1500 to P2000, and finishes with wool pad for light-colored car.

2.Low splash og compound
It reduces the splash of compound and sanding dust to the minimum while polishing. Thus cleaning up after polishing is quick and easy, working performance is quite efficient.

3.Low return of swirl marks after buffing
Since it is satisfied both high cutting power and finishing, it removes sand scratches enough at one process. Since it grinds coating film itself evenly, the return of swirl marks is quite low, the gloss of coating film itself comes up after buffing.

●Suggested pad
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1 Liter