Monocoque Tower(MT)
Monocoque Tower
Explanation of Monocoque Tower
The Monocoque Tower is a compact pulling unit designed for floor rail anchoring. This unit requires only 29 in. (737 mm) of floor space inward from the anchoring rail and leaves plenty of room for working in narrow repair bays. The Monocoque Tower allows two independent pulls to be made simultaneously at heights ranging from 5 in. (127 mm) above floor level to a 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m). pull height.

1.Full 15 ton pull capacity provided with fast action air/hydraulic pump.
2.Spring loaded swivelling caster wheels for mobility, fast pulling setup and self centering. Wheels retract during pulling to prevent wheel damage.

●Pull pressure gauge monitors pull force and stress release.
●20 in. (508 mm) continuous pull stroke on a single pull.
●Continuous pulling without releasing pull pressure provided by chain lockout
●Dual independent pull capabilities provided by chain lockout forks.
●Spring loaded hydraulics for fast, automaticram retraction.
●Pull heights from 10 in. (254 mm) above ground up to 6 ft. 6 in. (1.98 m)
   pull height.
●Aluminum pulleys make pull height adjustment easy.
●Rear caster wheel allows finger-tip mobility for fast setup of pulls and
   easier storage.
●Spring loaded feature allows tower to adjust to flush-mounted or above
   ground rails.
●Rail Tie-down allows tower to pull at angles to floor rail.
●Tough zinc plating assures lasting finish.
●Pulling chain in high-strength grade 80 alloy. Claw hook allows versatile
   clamp attachments.
●Chain lockout forks allow double independent pulls and locking of one pull
   while a second pull continues.
●Top quality hydraulic pump, hose and ram carry full manufacturer’s warranty.
●Accessory basket conveniently carries hydraulic pump, clamps and
●6 ft. 6 in. (1.98 m) pull height capability for pulls on roof areas and trucks.
Parts list of Monocoque Tower
1.Monocoque Tower Frame(no hardware) 3.H.S. Alloy Chain, 3/8",
 (Specify 16 ft. length)
5.Pulley with Boss, 3/8" Chain
7.Low Pull Brackets
9.Wheel, Cast, 4"
11.Spring, Pulley Shaft
12-A.Hydraulic Hose
12-C.Hydraulic Elbow Fitting
13.Pulley Pin
15.Back Brace Pull Bracket (optional)
17.Backbrace Mounting Bracket (optional)
19.Ram Centering Plug
21.Hydraulic Ram
23.Pulley - NO Boss, 3/8" Chain
25.Tiedown Pin
27.Locking Wedge
29.Wheel, Caster
2.Spring, Anti Roll, Pulley(※)
4.Claw Hook C/W Bolt&Nut,
6.Pulley Shaft
8.Chain Lock
10.Spring, Ram Return
12.Hydraulic Pump
12-B.Hydraulic Tee Fitting
12-D.Pressure Gauge
14.Back Brace Tube (optional)
16.Chain Tie Back
18.Mobility Handle Assembly
20.Caster Wheel Shaft Assembly
22.Pulley Bracket
24.Spring,Caster Wheel
26.Rail Tiedown
28.Washer, Caster
Engine Lift Accessory
The Engine Lift Accessory allows vertical pulling or lifting using the tower’s hydraulics.
Provides 5 ft.(1.52 m) of horizontal reach beyondthe tower.
Back Brace
An optional back brace joins two Monocoque Towers together allowing additional pulls to be made between the towers.
1 6 ft. (1.83 m) Bracing Beam
2 Mounting Brackets
2 Pulling Brackets
4 Locking Wedges
1 5 ft. (1524 mm) Lifting Beam with Support Chain and Lock
1 5 ft. (1524 mm) Plated Alloy 5/6" Support and Chain
2 Chain Pulleys