Monocoque Standard 3D System(MSD/MSDW)
Monocoque Standard 3D Set
Explanation of Monocoque 3D System
The Monocoque Upper Gauge uses a patented rotating/telescoping action to access the entire vehicle from a single mounting point.

The system is easily moved clear of the repair area or to measure other points.

The Monocoque Upper Gauge can be used alone in repairs, or by adding the Length and Height Accessory making three dimensional spec book measurements anywhere on the vehicle.
Line up

Length & Hight Accessory

Upper Gauge Set

The length and height accessory is used with the Pivot Measuring System to give you three-dimensional spec book measuring anywhere on the vehicle.
This system is especially useful in repairs of heavy hit vehicles where large sections are being repaired or replaced.
For the first time, a three-dimensional measuring system so simple, so affordable that you can equip every technician with one.

Wall-hung System


The wall-hung system is convenient for storing parts.