One Touch System(MSO)
one touch system
Explanaition of One Touch System
The One Touch System has been designed to do light pulls and panel pulls.

It is idealfor quick pulls on radiator supports, sheet metal alignments, door posts, etc.

The One Touch System was specificaly developedto meet the demands of autobody shops foran"Express" production bay.

This system has been specifically designed to increase shop productivity, job quality and technician efficiency.
The technician can complete light repairs and finishing metal work in a single bay area, in the shortest time possible.
How it works!

Center vehicle between Anchoring Rails. Install the sill clamps at the front and rear torque box areas of the vehicle.
Slide Anchoring Bars through sill clamps. Make sure Anchoring Barsare centered. Insert Wedges into clamps.Secure using a 3 lb. hammer.
Slide Rail Dogs into place on Anchoring Rails (front and rear).
Place Anchoring Towers over Rail Dogs and slide Anchoring Towers up to Anchoring Bars.
Insert Crossbar Lock Plate through Anchoring Towers and over Anchoring Bars.
Drive Wedges into Crossbar Lock Plate and Anchoring Towers.You're ready-to-go.